"Animals desire to be heard. They are even more joyful when they know we want this deeper connection with them." 



Jacquelin Smith holds a B.A., and is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Psychic, Healer, and Metaphysical teacher. She has always been psychic and enjoys sharing her talents and skills with others in a way so that the person and/or animal feels empowered with any type of session.

Since early childhood, Jacquelin has been communicating telepathically with animals, ETs, light beings, angels and interdimensional beings, and nature spirits. She is able to travel, through her consciousness, to other star systems and universes and remembers what she is shown.

Animal Communicator

Jacquelin is known internationally as a leader in the field of telepathic communication with animals. She has been offering her services professionally as an animal communicator since 1979. Jacquelin has done thousands of consultations with people worldwide about their animal companions.

Jacquelin combines telepathic communication with traditional and holistic methods and offers practical ways to help resolve a wide variety of issues. This includes behavior, emotional, physical, spiritual issues, tracking lost animals, life after death messages, as well as understanding insights into an animal’s spiritual mission. Click on Consultations to read more about the many services Jacquelin offers. She also offers consultations to people about their animal friend’s star origins as well as their own.

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

As a Certified Hypnotist and lifelong Contactee, Jacquelin assists Contactees with various issues as well as assisting them with those issues that come up in their lives due to contact experiences. These experiences can involve OBEs, dreams, seeing a starship, telepathic contact, and direct contact – whether that be in their home, in another place or on a starship, or in any other way in which contact has occurred. She also assists people with doing other life time exploration. She was trained in other life- time exploration by Dr. William Baldwin. Jacquelin also assists those who have had hybrid children. It’s an experience which can bring up many emotions.

Since Jacquelin is a Contactee, she understands how “contact” can be a blessing as well as create difficulties for someone. She has also experienced an NDE, as well as Shamanic initiations and Kundalini Awakenings. She assists people with a wide variety of issues.

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Psychic & Light Worker

Jacquelin has offered her services to people as a psychic, Tarot reader, spiritual teacher, and interdimensional guide for over twenty-five years. She has studied Shamanic Arts and does Soul recovery work with humans as well as animals.

She offers a wide variety of services which include: Psychic Readings, Soul Recovery, Healing, Energy Clearing, Spiritual Awakening Guidance, Tarot Readings, Discovering Your Power Animals, Star Origin Readings and more.

Books, CDs, DVDs
Apprenticeship Programs

Jacquelin teaches workshops on telepathic communication with animals and ETs, as well as other workshops. She speaks at many conferences about Animal Communication, ETs. and interdimensional beings, as well as Earth Shifts. Click on Upcoming Workshops to view Jacquelin's workshops.

Her work continues to receive media coverage through radio shows, internet interviews, and television talk shows. Click on Books & DVDs to view her books, Animal Communication-Our Sacred Connection, and Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals.

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