Light Language Consults

What is Light Language and How Will It Benefit Me?

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A Session With Jacquelin

Jacquelin speaks a number of star languages from many cosmic races which include the angelic and nature spirit realms. She has been speaking light language since she was eighteen years old. She uses her hands during some sessions, which is a type of sign language, which also transmits sacred symbols/codes of light. Some of the light languages that she speaks come from a variety of Star councils whom she communicates with telepathically. These are loving beings and who care about all of life on Earth and beyond. Jacquelin’s team of lightworkers are always present in sessions as well as in her life. During the session, she will play singing bowls as well as piano keyboard with synth to bring your frequencies into harmonic balance.


Sessions can address many types of issues such as stress, body imbalances which create physical problems, and emotional issues. Light language is used for many issues that people may experience, including releasing past life trauma. Browse all types of light language consultations Jacquelin offers by clicking here.

There are sessions to raise your DNA frequency and integrate your multidimensional selves, which aligns you with your authentic self. Also, there are sessions for clearing, balancing, and sessions for healing.

Jacquelin offers remote as well as some in-person sessions. They are of equal benefit.


When Jacquelin speaks light language, symbols flow through her which carry powerful frequencies that can also assist with activating your frequency codes. When both light language and written symbols are combined, they can offer a deeper activation.

Light Language Star Being symbols by Jacquelin Smith
Light Language Star Being Symbols by Jacquelin Smith
Light Language Star Being frequency codes by Jacquelin Smith
Light Language Star Being Frequency Codes by Jacquelin Smith
Private Consultations

To set up a telephone or a Skype consultation:
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Types of Consultations

Language of Light Activation with Symbol
These sessions will activate and raise your DNA frequency. They will align your chakras and multidimensional selves within and outside time and space. These support you in expressing your authentic Self. They bring balance and inner harmony and enhance health.

Star Origin Reading
Find out what your Star origins are and reconnect with your Star Family. This is a family reunion. Jacquelin will communicate with your family directly as to your soul’s first expression when it became individual after leaving the Creator. You’ll receive your core frequency and your star family’s frequency. This will assist you in communicating with your star family ongoing. Click HERE to learn more.

Communication with Star Beings in this Life
Find out what star races you are connected to in this life. Jacquelin will share with you who they are and messages they would like to communicate to you.

Light Language Healing for Animals
Light language healing will help your animal to heal and be restored to balance and harmony.

Light Language Apprenticeship Program
You will learn how to communicate with Star Beings in a safe and fun way. You can design your own 4-session program. Jacquelin will share ways she’s developed to communicate with Star Beings. She will also offer guidance with you individually. The fee is $500 for all 4 sessions. This can only be paid by check or money order to Jacquelin. Click here to find out more about this Apprenticeship.

Star Being Communication E-Course Available
Also, Jacquelin has a comprehensive, mobile-friendly E-Course to walk you through learning how to communicate telepathically with star beings.

Communicate with Star Beings with a Guided Audio Track
There is also a downloadable audio track Telepathic Communication With Star Beings, which guides you through a communication with a loving Star Being.

Light Language Activation Videos with Light Language Codes (Free)

Light Language videos are a collaboration with Miguel Mendonça (music, video editing).