Telepathic Communication With Animals (Introductory Workshop)

You will learn a step-by-step technique which will allow you to communicate with a participant’s animal companion. Also, you’ll comunicate with an animal from a photograph. We will also exercises that will help to develop your natural intuitive abilities.

Telepathic Communication With Animals (Advanced Workshop)

You will continue to practice communication skills. Also, you’ll learn how to communicate with animal souls, as well as tap into their past lives. We’ll communicate with animals in spirit form and discuss this as a group.

Telepathic Communication With Nature

We will take a walk through the woods, and you will learn how to communicate with trees, butterflies, rocks, and other living forms that are all around.

Death, and Then What Happens to the Animals?

We’ll explore how animals prepare for death and how you can help them. Also, we’ll delve into what happens to animals after they leave their bodies, and where they go. We’ll communicate with animals in spirit form. We’ll talk about their souls, reincarnation and the value of prayer.

Healing Touch For Animals

You will learn various techniques, using gentle touch, that will help support your animals in their overall health.

The Healing Power of Prayer and Visualization

We will explore how to use prayer and visualization to help support and heal animals – whether it be for a physical, emotional, behavioral, or spiritual issue. (The prayers are not based on any particular denomination.)

Holistic Techniques to Help Animals Heal

You will learn about various modes that are available to help support animals with whatever issues they might be facing. We’ll talk about color therapy, Bach Flowers, imagery, Tellington TTouch, affirmations, music, etc.

How Our Attitudes Affect Animal Companions

We will discuss how our attitudes and feelings affect animal companions in various ways. Animals are often mirrors, showing us what we are sending out on some level. This can give us insight into misbehaviors and misunderstandings. You’ll learn how to relate in ways you truly desire, which has positive results for everyone.

Transition: How We Can Support Ourselves and Animal Companions With the Ongoing Earth Changes

We will discuss how the earth’s transition process affects each and everyone of us – whether it be a human, animal or plant. You will be introduced to tools that can help support you and your animal companions.

DNA, Aura, and Chakra Balancing for Your Animal Companions

Just as we are going through DNA changes so are our animal friends. We will discuss ways you can support your animal friends. You will also learn how to help balance and ground them.

DNA, Aura, and Chakra Balancing For You

We will work with techniques that can help activate your DNA and balance you with the ongoing earth changes. (**This workshop is for humans.)

Who You Are as a Star Being & What You Are Here To Do

In this class you will learn about starseed attributes.  You also will learn about your basic origins as a Star Being, and explore reasons why you are here on Earth.  You’ll learn how to receive messages from your Star Family.