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Jacquelin now offers a variety of services for you.

Some services Jacquelin now offers are:

Services For Animals (Click here for pricing)

Jacquelin combines telepathic communication with traditional and holistic methods to release behavioral, emotional, energetic, and other issues animals experience. Her skills and techniques include using Bach Flower Remedies, Long Distance Healing, Energy Clearing, Soul Recovery, Tellington TTouch, Chakra/Aura Balancing, DNA re-patterning, and Interdimensional Guidance Work and Star Origin Readings. She also Tracks Lost Animals and has for over 25 years.

Jacquelin can communicate with both the personality and spiritual essence of an animal. Sometimes they have different perspectives, which can bring understanding and guidance. She works with all kinds of issues and species. Jacquelin’s intention with a consultation is for both person and animal to be empowered in working with any situation.

The consultations are divided into “types” to give you information about the different kinds of services offered. Jacquelin does 99 percent of consultations by phone. Since animal communication is telepathic, phone consults are of equal quality and success as those done in person. Your animal doesn’t need to be with you during the consult. (Any local in-person consults have an additional fee.)

Consultation Types:

1. General Reading: Learn what your animal companion thinks and feels about his or her life in general. This includes opinions the animal has about a situation, person, or place as well as any messages the animal wishes to share with you.

2. Behavior: Gain insight into misbehavior patterns your animal companion is expressing, such as urinating on the floor, chewing objects, training/performance issues, etc. Jacquelin will give you specific and practical techniques to guide you and your companion toward healthier behaviors.

3. Is Your Animal Lost: Jacquelin does her best in tracking lost animals and is often successful in finding them. She gives specific directions as to where the animal went, and describes objects in the animal’s current surroundings. She has over 20 years experience in locating lost animals.

4. Is Your Animal Friend Ready to Transition? Find out if your animal companion is ready to leave the physical body due to old age or illness.

5. Life After Death: Receive messages from your animal companion after he or she leaves the earth level. The animal may express thoughts and feelings about life purpose and the close ties you’ve shared. Any unresolved issues can be resolved.

6. Soul Recovery: When an animal has suffered trauma, they often fragment – or dissociate. Their energy bodies become misaligned, and they can’t be who they truly are. Often they may seem as if they’re not all there or display misbehavior, depression, physical ailments, and so on. This work often has immediate results. Jacquelin has been specializing in this unique healing work since 1991.

7. Star Origin Readings: Find out what your animal friend’s star origin is. Your animal’s origin may be rooted in another galaxy, dimension or world. This consult can help you better understand your animal’s star-based makeup. This can give insight and understanding into your present relationship. Learn more about Star Origin Readings by clicking here. (NOTE: Currently, all Star Origin Readings slots are booked up. Please check back Summer 2022.)

8. Help Your Animal Adjust If You Are Moving Or Taking A Vacation: Animals can have a difficult time coping with a move or if you take a vacation. Jacquelin helps an animal(s) to understand what is going on with the moving process and also gives you practical suggestions. If you are going on a vacation, she can let your animal friend know how long you will be gone and the circumstances they will be dealing with – whether they will be staying at a kennel, friend’s house, or if a pet sitter will be coming in to care for them.

9. Training/Performance Issues: Is your animal companion having issues with training or performance. This consult can help you better understand why your animal friend is doing what they’re doing and how to assist them with shifting their behavior.

10. Energy Clearing: It’s not uncommon for animals to need an Energy Clearing. With this consult, Jacquelin will clear and cleanse your animal’s aura. Many animals can pick up lower energies from people in the household, as well as energies existing within a household, or from other people or animals they might interact with elsewhere.

11. Past Life Reading: Find out what past lives you and your animal companion have shared. This can often give insight and healing into your present relationship.

12. Bach Flowers: These are flower essences that can help shift attitudes and emotions to benefit the animal. Jacquelin may suggest certain Bach Flowers to help support an animal in their process. Jacquelin has been working with Bach Flowers since 1986 with animals. These reasonably priced essences are available at most health food stores.

13. Long Distance Healing: This work can be done for many types of ailments. Jacquelin describes the symptoms the animal has and feels. She has wonderful results with long distance healing. This is not a replacement for veterinary care, but is complimentary.

14. DNA, Aura, Chakra Balancing: Our animal friends are having to adjust to major earth shifts just as we are. Higher frequencies are pouring onto Earth which are activating new chakras, altering our auras as well as creating DNA changes. New dimensions are opening. It can be a challenge to stay balanced. At times an animal’s behavior can change suddenly. For example, an animal may become aggressive, have seizures, hide in closets, etc. These symptoms at times can be due to the earth’s changes. Jacquelin will align and balance your animals’ energy systems so they can be centered with the ongoing shifts.

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