ARCTURIAN/ZETA HYBRID ~ Zan Tu Kai (androgynous) ~ Cosmic Portrait

ARCTURIAN/ZETA HYBRID ~ Zan Tu Kai (androgynous) ~ Cosmic Portrait
ARCTURIAN/ZETA HYBRID ~ Zan Tu Kai (androgynous) ~ Cosmic Portrait
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Looking at Zan Tu Kai’s portrait will activate and open up many skills and talents you came in with as a star being which you desire to express.  It will help you align with and integrate your star and human self.  This one will help you move into your own power and strength.  It will also open you up telepathically and much more if you take some time to look at this drawing with the light codes which are from Zan Tu Kai.

ARCTURIAN / ZETA HYBRID - Zan Tu Kai - Cosmic Portrait

DOWNLOAD BONUS! “Guidelines for Using Light Codes” (.PDF)

Written suggestions for maximum benefit of using/working with the multidimensional energies encompassed in Light Language consciously, to best support your soul path and remembering your unlimited potential.

You will receive 2 files (compressed in a .ZIP folder) in this download:

  • (1) Original drawing/painting .JPG {no watermark displayed}

  • (1) “Guidelines for Using Light Language Codes – by Jacquelin Smith” .PDF

IMPORTANT DOWNLOADING NOTE (Read after purchase): After purchasing, you will receive a link to download the Light Language Codes/Portrait & Guidelines PDF together as a compressed .ZIP file, which packs together both files into a “folder.”

You will need to unzip (or “unpack”) these files onto your device to open them. Most newer devices/operating systems include software/apps to do this easily. For more information on unzipping compressed files (for Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android), see THIS simple How To article.

For any questions accessing files after purchasing or downloading, please email Jacquelin’s assistant, Breanna:

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